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Our state-of-the-art equipment applies water-based coatings to a wide variety of paper
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Who We Are

In late 2010, True Partners Financial Services acquired a 148,000 sq ft manufacturing facility in Covington, TN and formed the subsidiary Sustainable Fiber Solutions (“SFS”). The newly acquired facility was converted into a state-of-the-art paper toll coating facility and began coating paper with different types of unique and proprietary environmentally friendly water-based coatings. SFS provides the following products and services to our valued customers:

Toll Coating

Our state-of-the-art coating equipment allows SFS to apply various types of water-based coatings to most types of paper. Upgrades to our equipment allow us to apply water-based coatings in the most efficient and economical way, making us cost neutral or better* than most poly or wax applications. *In most cases

Environmentally Friendly Coatings

Our in-house laboratory allows SFS to create custom coatings to meet our customers’ barrier needs. These coatings can be purchased in bulk and shipped to our customers, or they can be applied to paperboard on our coating equipment. Our environmentally friendly coatings have the following green properties: compostable, recyclable, repulpable, nontoxic, and sustainable.

Environmentally Friendly Products

SFS provides solid board, flex wrap, and linerboard pre-coated with our own proprietary blends of coatings. Check out our Products section for more information about our coated paperboard products.
Solid Board - Folding Cartons - QSR - Cold Cups - Ice Cream Cups
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Flexible wrapping paper - Butcher - Ream - Bags - Bakery - Deli - Sandwich
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Corrugated Boxes - Protein Meats – Seafood - Floral – Produce – Electronics - Manufacturing
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