Q1, 2018 – SFS has had extensive recycling/repulping testing done at Western Michigan University’s pilot plant on a wide range of papers.  Our coatings and products have passed their protocols and WMU has confirmed that SFS can use their recycling chasing arrows for paper coated with these coatings. As different paper grades and further converting beyond coating occurs, the final good will have to be re-certified via the same protocol though the converter/end-user can be assured that the SFS coatings or products are fully compliant.


Successful retail market test of ice cream packaging using Eco SBS.


Major formers working with top ice cream brands to launch PE Free containers.

Poly-free line of fully recyclable ice cream packaging announced.


SFS provides several major US cup formers with Eco SBS B1S that ran successfully for 8 hour shifts at 300 cpm. SFS engages with global quick service food chain to develop environmentally friendly cold cups (e.g. shakes and soda cups). Global brand runs 100,000 ice cream pint cups for fill and shipping test; results successful. Global quick service food chain runs successful trial of pints and scrounds.


SFS begins trials with Eco SBS for cups on various PMC models. Good sidewall and bottom adhesion as well as good rim roll without flagging are achieved at commercial speeds. Eco SBS printing trials were successful on both sheet fed and web presses using either Barrier 1 Side (B1S) or Barrier 2 Side (B2S) products. Successful converting including printing, die cutting, and gluing of Eco SBS for folding cartons was achieved.


SFS engages with global mills to developed Eco SBS, for folding carton and cup stock grades ranging in caliper from 12pt to 24pt.


Product development is completed on formulations for heat sealable and glueable coatings for various packaging and non-packaging applications.  Appropriate patents are filed.


Covington facility is restarted. Extensive modifications and upgrades are made to the existing equipment, including the capability to run narrower web widths and heavier caliper paper.


Sustainable Fiber Solutions (SFS) is formed

Late November
Covington, TN facility is purchased from Abitibi-Bowater